About us


The love of our Lord Jesus Christ is with you!  This is a statement that is easy to say and hard to know.  Here at United Presbyterian Church we are a family.  A group of people who have been adopted into a family with God as our parent and Jesus teaching us about this amazing grace through the power of the Holy Spirit.  I am blessed to call this congregation my immediate family and see the grace and joy of this worshiping community every day. Within the pages of this website you can see examples of the hope that we are loved and cared for through mission, fellowship and worship.  These are simply moments in time but they are witness to a deeper truth.  We are loved.  I know that I am loved today because my sister reached out to me when I was sad.  I knew that I was loved yesterday because my brother shared his joy with me.  Tomorrow that love will continue because my family lifts me up and witnesses to the Peace of Christ. This is what it is all about.  Sharing the daring ability to hope that we could all be beautifully and wonderfully made and affirmed in that hope by the nature and support of our family.  We are bold in our mission to share the love of God, almost as much as we are joyful in our fellowship with one another.  May we use this directory to grow closer as a family and reach out to our brothers and sisters in Christ.