The United Presbyterian Church of Rice Lake has 8 committees that serve our Church and our community at large. 

With committees focused on Social Events, Christian Education & Youth, Building & Grounds and Worship & Music just to name a few there is a committee for just about anyone! All eight committees ultimately report back to the Session who governs our Church. To find out more about our committees and how to join a committee simply look below for more details.

Christian Education & Youth

Led by Jacque Schaffer, this Committee oversees the programs the United Presbyterian Church provides to youth. These programs include PAL'S & FROGS, CARL, Sunday school, youth groups and Camp Clearwater.  

Building & Grounds

The Building & Grounds Committee oversees the facilities and maintenance of the United Presbyterian Church.

Led by Lance Ritchie, this committee is often making updates throughout the building to make it a place for all who worship. 

Dollar Bill in Jar

This committee oversees the food service operations of the Church. These operations include Church events and Funerals etc. 


Led by Geoff Pedersen, the Finance committee oversees the financial operations and budget of the United Presbyterian Church, this committee review data monthly to determine the overall position of the church.


Led by Kris Schilling, this committee is charged with carrying out the mission of the United Presbyterian Church through out our community and several communities throughout the nation through mission trips. 


This committee oversees the professional team and the manual they abide in order to better serve our church and community. 

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Simply Social

Led by Michelle McDonald, this committee is centered around bringing people together for holiday parties, gatherings, picnics etc. 

Worship & Music

This committee oversees worship, music and special services carried out by the United Presbyterian Church.

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