Personnel Committee is responsible for making hiring recommendations to Session and continuously nurturing and supporting the paid staff, non- paid staff and volunteers. The committee is involved in annual reviews of staff, staff salaries, benefits packages and acts as a grievance board for all staff concerns. The committee continually drafts and revises personnel policies and the Manual of Operations. The committee completes background checks and teaches Boundary Training classes to staff and volunteers.

Lori Gray


  The finances of the Church are important because we are entrusted with making sure that the money that church members give the church is used as God would want that money used.  The more people that are involved,  the more the Holy Spirit can work through us to discern God’s plan for using the money that God has motivated our people to give back to God’s work.  God will guide us and direct us to raise money and to let us know how that money should be spent. 

Geoff Pedersen