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Time... the most valuable thing I wish I had

October 9, 2017

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Forgive for Life

February 6, 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters,


Here is a statement that you might never have heard before, God calls on us to forgive not for the ones who we forgive but for ourselves.  It is common knowledge that we are supposed to forgive our enemies and try to live in a place of peace and reconciliation with the world around us.  That a good Christian will spend a great amount of their time and effort on forgiving those who have done them wrong.  But, it becomes more and more clear as we travel through this roller coaster


called life that the true price for a lack of forgiveness is paid in the bitterness and pain that we continue to experience.


Imagine for a moment that your emotions are a one-gallon milk jug.  There are only so many feelings that one can feel, there are only so many experiences that a person takes with them to inform them during the next sequence of events.  When we choose to not forgive, to not let go of the distrust, to continue to hate the other person and what they have done, we are deciding to fill that container with hate or pain or bitterness.  While that pain comes with us there is definitively less space for hope, joy and love and when we carry enough of those painful feelings we will soon find we have room for nothing else at all.


It doesn’t hurt the one who hurt you… it makes you relive it each day.  God wants something better for you and calls on us to forgive so that the pain we felt stays on the day we felt it.  But the next question is how.  How do we let go of all those emotions?  I have been receiving many questions like these recently and I feel this is God tell me to speak on this very topic.  So, during the month of February we will be encountering this question in a sermon series titled, “The real F word.”  I hope if you have issues with forgiveness of even just bitterness or hate in general you will join us for some or all of these four Sundays.




Pastor Chris

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